We'll Be Your Personal Shopping Slave

millionsspending.jpg To show that we don't hate all of you (just some), we've got a special present for one lucky Kotakuite. We've got $US 2000 in Kotaku Kash that we are dying to part with. That's right. We don't want it! Alright, contest time: We're calling this one the Make-Us-Your-Shopping-Slave contest. That's right, we will do one lucky winner's shopping, spending up to $US 2000 on presents. And yes, we'll even send the presents to that winner! Some parameters the winner must take into account:

• Including sales tax and shipping, we will only spend up to $US 2,000 KK. One KK equals exactly one US dollar. • The winner will be asked to draw up a shopping wish list. All items on that list must be directly video game related. • We will only go to one store on one day and purchase your presents there. This contest is one-stop shopping! • Once the winner draws up his or her shopping wish list, it's final. That means if a game, a console or whatever is sold out, tough crap.

Since I am heading out for Texas tomorrow and will be on vacation, I don't have details about when this contest is starting or how it's going to go down. I do imagine after Crecente finishes with Funde Razor, he'll kick it off. Yes, he's going to be handling the contest. That could be a good thing or a very, very scary thing. Happy Holidays!


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