What Are You Playing This Weekend?

draglade_wayptw.jpgMe? I'm still eyeballs deep in The Orange Box. Actually, I'm in passive playing mode right now, watching my roommate work his way through Half-Life 2: Episode One while I relive the experience and offer sage advice. I've also got some work obligations with Atlus' Draglade and Trauma Center: The New Blood to undertake, but I fully intend to finally break the seal on my copy of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I've had previous weekend intentions to get some time with it, to no avail.

Other than that, I think my Rock Band rock band The Bad Dates will be piling into the virtual van so I can brush up on my fake drumming skills. What about you kids? Got any gaming plans for the weekend?


    Hoping to get stuck into some Super Mario Galaxy personally. Last few weeks have been taken up with TF2 and COD4 multiplayer. Both great fun :D

    Halo 3, and maybe Arcanum. Exciting.

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