What Are You Playing This Weekend?

dead_rising_wayptw.jpgHaving gone on a bit of Rock Band bender last night, it might be time to give my pipes—which some have referred to as having a "golden ring" and "the tone of pure honey"—some down time. This borrowed copy of Dead Rising may very well fit the bill, but I might take The King of Fighters XI out for a spin this weekend. Other than that, I'm hoping my copy of Cruis'n for the Wii shows up at some point today or tomorrow, adding some giggles to my days off. Anyone else pick up something worth playing from that Amazon sale?

Let us know what will be keeping you indoors, safe from sun, snow and outdoor fun, this weekend in the comments.


    Me? I'll probably be playing a fair bit of GH3. I also have plans to finish off Ratchet & Clank : Tools of Destruction, and perhaps play some Bioshock as well. Might play some Resistance too...

    AQUARIA, dudes.

    this indie game takes the cake:

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