What Are You Playing This Weekend?

tf2_pyro_wayptw.jpgFollowing a Team Fortress 2 bender last night that saw me kicking insane amounts of Spy arse with my Pyro's flamethrower skills and a tutorial on Soldier rocket-leading techniques from my roommate, I can't imagine us doing anything but stealing enemy intelligence all weekend. I've also finally unwrapped my copy of Cruis'n for the Wii and Neo Geo Battle Colosseum for the PlayStation 2, which should make for so bad it's good and actually pretty good diversions. I've also charged up the Nintendo DS and plan on wasting plenty of my time playing Picross. It may very well make it into my top ten of 2007. No joke.

Anyone want to get a game of TF2 on this weekend? If not, what else are you playing? Hit us square in the comments as soon as possible.


    Call of Duty 4 FTW! Maybe some Hellgate but I'm quite over that game now.

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