What Are You Playing This Weekend?

uncharted_wayptw.jpgMany of you may be in store for a long, long weekend, stretching all the way into a hangover recovery-filled Tuesday. Me? I'll be working my fingers to the nub, tapping away at a keyboard for various reasons, making lots of internet happen. But in the in-between, I'll be taking breaks to play Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Team Fortress 2. I may find some sit-down time to work my way through the Temple of the Ocean King in The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, but a week away from my consoles has inspired a good deal of motivation to spend more time with them. I might do a bit of video card shopping and processor overclocking to better the performance of my PC, which whimpers during TF2 sessions.

Other than that, I plan for total maxin' and relaxin', but hit us up with your gaming plans in the comments area, if it pleases you.


    I'll be trying to finish Folklore, not far now. Can't really play the game for huge lengths of time though gets kinda boring, still pretty good though.

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