What Was Your Worst Glitch Of The Year?

elongated_mass_effect.jpgit's easy to look forward to the bright and beautiful future or look back to good times had by all. But sometimes the more cynical route is the more real, and learning from our past transgressions is the only way to kick ourselves when we make the same future mistakes.

In that particular mindset, we'd like to know your worst gaming moment of 2007—when a bad glitch that had no right to be in a sold copy of a game ruined the experience for you (funny glitches are also acceptable, but frowned upon by our emo side). My personal worst glitch was during Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters (PSP). Some sort of bug occurred about 2/3 through the game while saving, corrupting my progress file. It translated to several lost hours, especially since I'm a gun upgrade whore, and was a big enough blow that I put down the game for good. I tried once to rekindle the magic, but alas, it was gone. And I loved that game.

So what about your worst glitch of 2007? Hit the comments and let us hear it. Then we'll cry together, trash our distant relatives and feel better about ourselves, as is tradition during the holidays.


    I was playing Halo 3 because I was trying to get that whole "play Halo 3" thing because people were saying it's good.

    I happen to think COD4 is better though.

    Anyway, I was playing it and about half-way through I'm riding the warthog through some desert-y canyon when BZZZTTT-- my controller won't stop vibrating as if it's going to town and my clitoral hands.

    Oh bugger. The xbox has crashed. My machine gets a restart and greets me with the red rings.

    So I head over to my brother's place to try the hard drive there and no... my save game is corrupt. Yes, I can start the level over again (damnit) but only that.

    It's not the first time I've heard of Halo 3 blowing stuff up, either.

    My Glitch of the year is probably found on Kotaku's "Glitch of the year" post since when I scrolled down I got the following?


    My gaming Glitch of the Year is probably in Crysis where I stealthily snuck up behind an unsuspecting guard in a tomato field and threw a well aimed tomato at his head. It killed him, I rejoiced then fell through the floor and kept falling. I had to start the level all over again. While at the same time my poor 8800GTX started to once again cry at my attempts to run the game on High settings.

    mine is in halo 3 the flood level where you go into a large open room kinda thing and you have to destroy the three cables but if you played co-op after you destroyed the cables and you both ran to the exit a blasted hole in the ground of a hall way. if only one of you jumped down and the other turned around and looked back then you would see this massive blurring glitch and it looked realy wierd

    Kane & Lynch. I had this glitch in my brain where I thought It'd be a good idea to give it a try despite the reviews.

    I was wrong to ignore my cynicism. How I wanted 47 to show up and kill them both.

    Two words: Mass. Effect.
    Take your pick from party members that like to run around in cycles in front of enemy fire or just shoot at walls. How about when they get stuck behind things but you only realise after you've run through half the map. How about a game where all the ground breaking new concepts are quietly deleted from the game before launch. How about a frame rate that plummets into the single digits every time the lighting changes.

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent.

    I'm doing the whole spying on the JBA thingy when I've reached a crucial point in the game and have to stop this bombing thingy.

    ANYWAYS! I sneak into this guys bedroom and hide under the bed, he comes in and I go to pause it. Now, the pause screen shows the game screen behind it, and I looked at it as suddenly I was floating up out of the bed, so I unpause and get caught. And die. I just gave up after that.

    This is a funny glitch and it happens a few times in the game. I was playing Ratchet and Clank Future and sometimes when I broke boxes that were stacked pretty high some would forget to fall and remain in the air. The funny thing about it is the game actually fixes it. After like 10 seconds the box floats down to the ground so you can break it. Pretty funny huh

    My worst glitch was in cod4. i spent almost 2 days finding the intel on my own without any guides.once i ulock some cheats seince i was so bored i turned them all on. i found all the intel and saved it i didnt get either acheivements because the cheats were on. now my game saved with 30/30 intel and i cant find out how to get them i tried deleteing my file and it didnt work

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