What We Know About Ghostbusters DS

555.jpg We've heard about the home console Ghostbuster games, but what about the portable DS one? How's that going to work? Magazine NGamer has some first details about the game. It's going to be a top down management based game and have players set up their own Ghostbusters franchise. Players catch ghosts to earn money and them we assume do things like buy better gear — and hopefully, things like pimping out the Ecto-1. That part is totally uncomfirmed, though. It takes place two years after Ghostbusters II in 1991 like the other Ghostbusters titles. Screenshots have yet to surface, and it looks pegged for a fall 2008 release. We're liking how we'll get three different Ghostbusters games. Really liking it.

DS Game Details [Pocket Gamer]


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