Whorecraft Season 2 is Live

002.jpgWorld of Whorecraft, renamed Whorecraft and now, oddly enough, Whorelore, is back for its second season. For those of you who missed our feature on this blending of hardcore pornography and World of Warcraft, you should probably read the story, it's really quite fascinating.

Dez, the series producer, dropped me a line today to say that Whorelore will continue into next year with a second season, the first episode of which features female elf-on-elf sex and your typical follow up, inter-racial human-on-elf sex scene. Not content to stick with just prosthetic ears and a bit of handmade weapons and armor, the series has added honest to goodness special effect to the mix this time around.

I remain more intrigued than tantalised by the prospect of pornography made for an audience of gamers, even the more mainstream gamers that make up the World of Warcraft fanbase. What I wonder is if the attraction to something like these videos would come from some sort of elf fetish or if it's really about carrying over the fantasy of an MMO or RPG into the real world and that the sex thing is almost an aside.

Hit the jump for some NSFW pics and a school of happily nesting Kotaku pointing fish.001.jpg



    having just read the WoW powerlevelling story and then coming back to the homepage to be confronted with this... I'm bemused and left shaking my head at the monitor

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