Why Is The Wii More Expensive This Year?

wiimoney.jpg Thought inflated console prices was so 2006? Wrong! Once again, Nintendo's little white gaming box is in high demand. According to website and online retailer I4U, the best price for a Wii last December was $US 476.11. This year it's $US 538.80. Third party Amazon sellers are asking $US 548, and it's possible to get a Wii on eBay for around $400. Of course, if you can find one in stores, the machines costs $US 249.00. From I4U:

This is crazy, products are supposed to get cheaper with time. The Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 actually did get cheaper this year.

That is crazy. Our advice is always "wait." The console will eventually turn up in stores so why line the pockets of profiteers and scalpers? And Nintendo really needs to figure out that supply and demand thingy. First the DS hit shortages in Japan and now the Wii is hard to come by. We're starting to see a trend. A very bad one.
Wii is MORE Expensive [Gizmodo]


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