Why Led Zeppelin & The Beatles Aren't In Rock Band

lz.jpgRock Band, and to be fair Guitar Hero III as well, have made huge strides since the days of the first Guitar Hero in terms of securing big songs from big bands for their tracklists. But, being the greedy, selfish types we are, the more you give us, the more we want. So it was to be expected that when the tracklists for Rock Band and GHIII were announced, people started wondering. Where's Led Zeppelin? Where's AC/DC? Where are The Beatles? Harmonix's Dan Teasdale knows:

I'm from Australia, so it's part of my citizenship requirements to get as much Acca Dacca into the game as possible. We'd love to get these kinds of mega-famous bands into "Rock Band", but securing licensing and such makes this something that takes a lot longer than other artists.

Ah, so that's why [insert your favourite band nobody else has ever heard of here]isn't in the game. They're too damn popular!

Random 'Rock Band' Questions Answered [MTV][Image]


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