Why You Can Only Have 100 Xbox Live Friends

friends2.jpgContinuing their "why are the shitty bits of Xbox Live so shitty" series of questions, 1UP have asked Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg why the service's friends list is capped at 100. His answer?

There's some interdependences. Some things like original Xbox games have friends lists hard coded in, so there's things we gotta work through, but we'll get it figured out, it's something we want to do. Still, the majority of Live users don't even have 30 friends. But, I agree, my list is full. [laughs]

Do that many of you have so many "friends" that this has become a must-fix issue for Microsoft? Really? 100's an awful lot. Especially when you consider only 4-5 of them are actually your friend.



    I hate deleting people to make room for others, its the worst feeling ever... X_;

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