Wii and Xbox 360 Close In December

PhuketTriathlon2005.jpgPach attack! Analyst Michael Pachter is predicting a very close December in console sales. Based upon Thanksgiving figures in which the Wii edged out the 360, Pachter predicts the Wii winning December, but by the narrowest of margins:

These figures imply that Microsoft will sell 1.5 million Xbox 360s in December in the U.S., that Nintendo will sell 1.7 million Wiis, and that Sony will sell around 800,000 PS3s.

Wow these figures are close. But I wonder what these projections would look like if Nintendo had no production limits...if only we you had a slightly different, parallel dimension when you needed one.

Wii and Xbox 360 Sales Neck and Neck in December, says Analyst [gamedaily][image]


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