Wii Fit Launches In Japan

wii_fit_arrives.jpgThis is it, kids. The start of a new era of video gaming has begun as Nintendo has shipped Wii Fit in Japan. The 8800 yen (about $US 80) game with its custom controller, the Wii balance board, was revealed at E3 2007, with some expecting it to act as the Wii's answer to Nintendo DS-selling mega-hit Brain Age. North American and European gamers won't have access to Wii Fit until sometime in 2008, but Japan is burning calories as we speak (or will be within hours).

We'll know next Wednesday how well Wii Fit performed in its debut week as Media Create sales numbers are released. Friendly wagers are certainly welcome in the comments. For those with the means, did you pick it up? Import it? Let us know what you think, if so.


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