Wii Fit's Gray Market Shaping Up

balanceboardwiipointing.jpg No surprises here. A new piece of hardware is released right before Christmas, and scalpers put it up on Yahoo! Auctions. In its first two days on sale, Wii Fit sold TK units. Impressive! Retailers don't know when the next shipment will be arriving. However, there are already plenty of Wii Fit sets available via online auctions. The MSRP for Wii Fit is ¥8,800 ($US 78). Though, Wii Fit is selling below that. At the time of posting, the average price was between ¥8,000 and ¥10,000 ($US 72 ~ $US 90). This is great. And no, we're not implying that Wii Fit is some horrible failure as early numbers prove that it's a casual hit. But rather, it's always nice to see scalpers get screwed over. Perhaps customers got wise after the DS Lite, PS3 and Wii craziness of before? Perhaps they've decided to wait until they can buy it instores. Perhaps stuff like this will encourage hardware makers to do a better job of meeting demand with supply. The ironic part: Those unable to locate Wii Fit can readily find it online at nearly MSRP.

Wii Fit Auctions [Yahoo! Japan]


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