Wii Most Searched For Item on eBay UK


The most searched for item on the UK's eBay since Christmas is the Wii, The Telegraph reports today. More than 1,100 of the consoles were on sale earlier today with asking prices as high as £1,000, aka somewhere in the stupid range.

And the Wii isn't the only console UK buyers are searching for on the auction site. In fact half of the top ten searched items are gaming consoles with the DS at the number five spot the PSP at number six, the 360 at number 9 and the PS3 rounding out the list at number ten.

Hit the jump for the top ten search list from the paper.

1. Wii console
2. Ugg boots
3. High School Musical
4. iPod Nano
5. Nintendo DS
6. PSP console
7. Laptop
8. Tom Tom
9. XBox 360 console
10. PS3 Console

I don't know which is more surprising, the fact that the PSP is beating out the 360 or the fact that High School Musical is in the number two spot.

Nintendo Wii most searched for item on eBay [Telegraph]


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