Wii Overtakes 360 In The UK, DS Sets New Sales Record

stopit.jpgHey, 360, that whooshing sound you just heard whoosh past your window? That was the Wii, overtaking your ass as it speeds off into the British sunset. We'd tell you how many Wiis have been sold up to now, and how many 360s had been sold for it to be overtaken, but this being Britain, we can't. Unless you feel like coughing up a few thousand pounds, ChartTrack keep those numbers to themselves, and we're left to feed on table scraps and prepared statements. They have released hard numbers for the handheld market, though, and these numbers are hard. The DS sold 212,584 units in the week ending December 1, which would have broken the PS2's former record if it hadn't already been beaten the week before, by the DS, with 184,360 sales. It continues to baffle us why the Wii is all the rage around the water coolers of the world when the DS is going so gang-busters.
DS smashes UK hardware record [MCV]


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