Wii Sell Out, One Store's Story

Target%20Card%20Color.JPGI think it's probably safe to assume that most stores sold of out their Wii pretty damn quickly yesterday. I haven't yet tried calling around, but on Sunday I did swing by one of the local Targets to pick up some non-game related stuff for an upcoming trip. Just for fun I hopped on by the game section to see how things were going. Not only had the store sold out of their Wii stock, they had sold out of Remotes and Nunchucks. One of the employees I talked to said they had an amazing 160 Wii in stock Sunday morning. All of them were gone by 8:15 a.m., he said.

I overheard him talking to two parents, tragically late to the Wii consumer bloodbath earlier that day. They first tentatively asked about the Wii and then, when they found out they missed the boat, said they weren't even sure their son wanted a Wii. The sales clerk dove right in.

"How old is your son?" "16" Slight grimace "I'm 18 and I have a Wii and a 360. The Wii is fun for when friends come over, but I usually play my 360."

In the end I think the parents decided to leave empty handed. I almost told them about the GameStop rain checks, but changed my mind. Who wants a piece of paper for Christmas?


    I got one for Christmas!!!! Wiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

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