Win a Wii... and a House... and a Car... Wait, WHAT?!

wiihouse.jpgWe've all seen some crazy auctions on eBay before. Organs, porn, super rare vintage games, entire gaming collections and overpriced gaming console bundles, but this Wii bundle really takes the cake. How would you feel if I offered to sell you a Wii for a mere $US 9,876,543.00? Ok, now what if I threw in a fully furnished, two story North Carolina house and a BMW?

This is exactly what eBay auctioneer kyleselectronicsplus07 is doing at this very moment. It is made quite clear in the description that the price is for the Wii ONLY and the rest of the goodies are free bonuses. The seller seems to have a good reputation and 10% of the sale goes to Charlotte ReStore - Habitat for Humanty. Certainly an admirable cause, but could this truly be for real? And what exactly is the story behind someone willing to give up their entire life over eBay, although at that price I suppose you could afford an all new one a couple times over.

The auction has nine days to go and in news that will surprise no one, it currently has no bids. I'm going to continue watching this just to see exactly what happens with it and I'll report back on it next weekend as it gets closer to the end of the bid. Check below for the full description.

This auction is for one (1) Brand New Never Opened Nintendo Wii Console Sports Edition with 5 Games. This also includes Wii Play Bundle that comes with an extra Remote and 9 Wii Play Games.

With the purchase of the Wii console, we will also throw in for free our Charlotte, North Carolina 2-story, single-family home. This house was built and purchased new in 2006 for $240,000 and is within walking distance to major attractions such as Bank of America Stadium (Carolina Panthers) & Bobcats Arena (Charlotte Bobcats). You are also only minutes away from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, I-485, I-85, I-77, and many uptown restaurants. Everything in the house is yours if wanted, including a Brand New 46" Sony Bravia Full 1080p LCD HDTV along with all the furniture and appliances. We will personally drive and deliver this Wii with all the accessories listed once payment has been received and cleared. Once we hand you the Wii, we will also hand you the car keys and house keys to both our home in Charlotte and a 2002 BMW 330i. We will even have you(1) and up to 5 other family members or friends (for a total of 6) flown in to see the house and city and will also pay to have you moved up to Charlotte from anywhere in the continental United States. This is to be the most DELUXE and EXCLUSIVE listing for any Wii that there will ever be on eBay. If you choose, you will have nothing to do but to hop on a plane with 5 of your closest friends or family members. We'll handle all the rest for you. We will personally deliver these items to the winning bidder on the day of his/her choice, including Christmas Day, December 25, 2007.

[via Megatonik] [Thanks, Kevin]


    Fully sick i wonder if anyone else is gonna enter this comp. It looks pretty awesome and i'd love to win the wii, car and the house. However wins is pretty lucky. So im just saying if i dont win your lucky.

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