Wired Remembers Futurama's Raiders of the Lost Arcade

shasta.jpgWired's Game|Life posted a fond tribute to Futurama's ubergaming episode Raiders of the Lost Arcade. Most of the piece runs through the show's various jokes (for instance, I never knew that Q*Bert had a line that, when played backwards, translates to "Where can a guy get some pants around here?"). David Cohen, co-creator of Futurama also reveals:

I wrote 'Raiders of the Lost Arcade...The origin of that idea was a whole movie about aliens invading earth in the exact pattern of Space Invaders. I had high hopes, but the feature idea got chopped down to five minutes.

While we love the episode, we'd also enjoy travelling to a parallel universe and seeing Cohen's original vision on screen. Hit the link for an article that will make you dust off that Futurama DVD set for another go (just make sure you have a 2-liter of Shasta and a Rush mixtape in the ready). Video Games & Futurama: Part 1, Raiders of the Lost Arcade [gamelife]


    I love David Cohen, that man is a God.

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