Women In Gaming - Advantageous?

brathwaite.jpgTracey John's series of enlightening interviews with females in the game industry takes an interesting twist today as she talks with game designer, author, and professor Brenda Brathwaite, who provides an altogether different view on being a woman in the world of video games.

No, if anything it's been a bonus. For instance, I'm doing this interview right now because I'm a woman in games, and I've done many because I was a woman in games. It's also important to have that diversity of opinion on a team, and a lot of companies recognise that. So that's been helpful. I haven't experienced, except once, anything that I would say was discrimination because of my gender. And then I would chalk it up to the guy being an idiot more than I would chalk it up to intentional discrimination.

Of course Brenda Brathwaite does have a bit of an advantage, being a woman with one of the longest careers in the industry. She started out when she was 15 years old, working with Wizardry publisher Sir-Tech Software, and has been going strong ever since. She's written a book entitled "Sex in Video Games", and has worked on - of all things - Playboy : The Mansion, so she has quite a few stories to tell. Hit the link for one very insightful interview!

Women Working in Games: Brenda Brathwaite on Maternity Leave, Making The 'Playboy' Game And Hope For The Future [MTV Multiplayer Blog]


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