Women In Gaming - Ubisoft's Elspeth Tory

elspeth.jpgMTV Multiplayer's Tracey John, who has excellent taste in cocktails, continues her series of interviews with women in the gaming industry today, speaking with Assassin's Creed animation project manager Elspeth Tory on the challenges women face in the gaming industry. Along with commenting on the whole Jade situation and the challenges faced by being a female in a male-dominated industry, Elspeth explains that proving yourself capable is no longer a factor.

I think there have been enough women in the industry now that there really isn't any pressure as a woman to prove yourself anymore. I think there has been so many great people out there doing things that right now, I think it's completely open-ended. Anyone who comes in, you just want to know that they're good. Their gender is irrelevant.

That's certainly good to hear. I would hate to think we could miss out on some amazing talent just because a company couldn't look past biological differences. Hit the jump for more with Elspeth, and be sure to check out Tracey's interviews with Morgan Webb and Jane Pinckard while you're at it. Women Working in Games: 'Assassin's Creed''s Elspeth Tory on Jade Raymond and Entering the Boys' Club [MTV Multiplayer Blog]


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