Women In Gaming From A PR Perspective

talifischer.jpgMTV Multiplayer's week-long interview series on women in gaming comes to a close today with a noticeably positive spin. Tracey John's chats with Tali Fischer, a PR manager with Sega of America, who offers her opinion on the portrayal of women in games in a comment on Spike TV VGA's display of nude women in video game bodypaint.

When it comes down to it — beauty sells. No matter what industry. Putting a good looking guy out front (like Abercrombie) appeals, having beautiful women starring in television shows appeals, and so does a great figure in body paint. The day we start looking at something like this and saying it is a bad thing and is sexist is the day we need to re-evaluate pop culture as a whole.

Fischer hasn't seen any of the discrimination or sexism that other women in the gaming industry have encountered, though in her particular profession the chances of any real dirt coming to fore are relatively slim anyway. I've known a great many PR people in my day, and they've all been extremely cheery, positive people, even when faced with promoting a product that's less than amazing. Not that Sega has ever had a less than amazing product, of course.

I'm guessing a lot of PR folks go home and cry at the end of the day. It's okay PR people. We understand. Let us know if you need hugs.

Women Working in Games: Sega PR's Tali Fischer On Progress, Sweatpants, And Naked Women At The VGAs [MTV Multiplayer]


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