WoW Helps Boy Triumph Over Moose

moosen.pngWho says video games are a waste of time? I'd like to see one non-gamer confronted by an angry moose and react with even half of the intelligence that 12 year old Hans Jørgen Olsen of Norway did. When he and his sister came across a confrontational moose during a walk in the woods near their home, Hans leapt into action, World of Warcraft style. First he taunted the moose off his sister, allowing her to escape, and then he used his level 30 hunter skill feign death, causing the moose to lose interest and wander off, while the healer in the party had a heart attack before putting two and two together. Just be glad Hans didn't encounter the moose around level 10, because while feign death is certainly real-world viable, I highly doubt charm pet works the same way.

Ble angrepet av elg [Nettavisen via Wired Blogs]


    Man arnt we glad he wasnt a warrior and charged the moose :S

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