Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Crysis and UT3 Suffer Rough November Launches
A sad day for the PC as a gaming platform. It’s only going to get harder for it to compete with the consoles.

BBFC Fights Manhunt 2 Appeal
This debacle has to end soon, surely? I can’t wait until Manhunt 2 hits our shores and we have our own little drama to watch.

PS3 DivX, Blu-Ray 1.1, Voice Changing With 2.10 Tomorrow
Another notch in the firmware belt for Sony. This one brings all manner of video and audio-related improvements.

Oh No You’re Not Going To Pass On This Introversion Bundle
Uplink was a nice idea, if mediocre and Defcon was just boring and shallow. Darwinia however, was fantastic. If you’re a diehard Introversion fan, then this bundle is definitely worth it. Otherwise…


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