Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Xbox 360 DivX/XviD Tested, Approved Microsoft's console is finally ready to play all those videos you acquired legitimately.

Dell Unveils WoW-Themed XPS Laptops Can these possibly sell? Being a WoW player isn't exactly something one advertises... unless they're a super-dork.

Celebs Gaming Demands Justin Timberlake gets his game on? No wai!

Wii, Ladies, No Shirts I reckon shirts have always been superfluous anyway.

The Queen of Fighters Just in case the whole "shirtless chicks" thing wasn't enough for you.

Big Mergers Back On The Menu Says Take-Two CEO Well, to say otherwise would be silly, considering the big-arse merger that went down yesterday.

Oh Good, My DualShock 3's Arrived Luke takes a look at his new toy for the Playstation 3. It's white and shaky!


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