Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

psx4all PS Emulator for iPhone Is Almost Complete
Playstation games on the iPhone? Sure, as long as it doesn’t give me some nasty arse RSI.

Schwarzenegger Wants No Part of Conan Game
I doubt THQ was hounding him to get involved. Insert Terminator joke here.

New Halo Maps are Live
You love Halo 3‘s multiplayer? Then go grab those maps! Or your dad!

Mass Effect Affects Massive Sales
Now Bioware can be completely sure that it can still make good games. The streak has to end sometime though, doesn’t it?

World of Warcraft Goes Russian
Start quaffing those vodka pots.

Fresh Ghostbusters Screenies
A fresh batch of images from this spectre-blasting retro shooter.

Fury Goes Completely Free With Dec 14 Content Update
Next patch from Auran will make Fury free to play.


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