Wrap-o-matic: Tuesday Night

Steam Adds Gifting
Now’s the perfect time to buy mum that copy of The Orange Box she’s always wanted!

PhysX Cards For $50? (Yes, In Japan)
They’d have to pay me to take the darn things off their hands.

Rumour: PSOne Discs Playable on PSP Via Remote Play
Some old-school Tenchu on PSP? Sign me up.

Mini Me Does World of Warcraft
I guess he does look an awful lot like a gnome. A scary arse gnome.

E3 Returns to Los Angeles, But Remains Booth Babe Free
I thought booth babes were the only reason people went. This doesn’t fix anything!

Devil May Cry 4’s Upskirt Of Shame [Probably NSFW]
I reckon they’re just undergarments. But feel free to have a, uh, poke around.

More Info On EA’s Tiberium
Yes, it’s on. Think GRAW 2, rather than a crappy version of Battlezone


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