XBL Silver Subscribers Kicked In Nuts Again, This Time MS Means It

xblsilver.jpgYou might remember, little over a year ago Microsoft said they'd be trying something new on Xbox Live. Something aimed at enticing bullying those pesky Silver subscribers into upgrading to a paid, Gold account. Thankfully the whole thing seemed to go away, everyone got free stuff at the same time, everyone forgot about it. Til now. Microsoft PR mouthpiece Larry Hryb has sent notice that a new feature's been implemented into the dash that will endlessly remind Silver subscribers that until they want to start paying Microsoft money for the privilege of being marketed to, they'll be locked out of content for a week. Same argument as last time, we know, but implementing it into the dash like that makes us think they really mean it this time.

FYI: Free Xbox Live Marketplace content and Silver accounts [Microsoft]


    A live gold subscription is about $70-80 a year, which is around 20c per day. Its hardly alot of money. Some people just need to stop being so stingy if they are gonna complain about it. Cant afford 20 cents maybe stop playing your xbox for an hour and get a job?

    @Patrick you might just be missing the point here. Its not the money thats the issue, lets face it were in a industry that carges approximatly $70-$100 per game. Its the fact All the services that Xbox live provides are free to me on my computer. Many people, including myself are offended to need to pay for somthing that is always has been free to them.

    Hows that life insurance policy going for you? For just a dollar a day you can two can have life insurance ontop of your xbox live gold account. Think of the peice of mind!.

    I can see where you are comming from, but from my point of view your not paying for basic free services like video previews or reviews, your paying for content. And if you can get it a few days before anybody else because you have a gold account whats wrong with that? Its like getting into a beta because you have a fileplanet account.

    I might also add, an xbox without a gold account is a wasted xbox.. unless you have no multiplayer games.

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