Xbox 360 Fall Update Video Walkthrough, XMB Anyone?

Here's a sizable walkthrough of the upcoming Xbox 360 fall update. One detail we didn't quite catch in the press release was the new Marketplace Spotlight area (50 seconds in). It looks...ummm...familiar, to say the least. No, I'm going to go ahead and say more. It's XMB. Plain and simple and reactionary (naysayers may point out that it's similar to the new Zune, which naysayer naysayers will say ripped off the PSP).

That's not to say it looks bad. In fact, Spotlight does look highly functional and intuitive, and its separate tab for free content will be welcomed by cheapos such as myself. So it's a pretty clear improvement in my book. But I never expected when I woke up this morning that I'd see Microsoft's dash copying Sony's. Seriously, this is the sort of flame bait one can only dream about.


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