Xbox LIVE Celebrates A Bumpy Holiday

xbox_live_logo_qjgenth.jpgAccording to a few reports we've spotted on the web, some Xbox LIVE users had difficulty connecting to the service (while others claimed complete outages) during and around December 25th. We wrote Microsoft's own Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb regarding the issue, along with an inquiry whether or not a lighter holiday-celebrating LIVE maintenance staff may have had difficulty handling new users. Hyrb responded:

...LIVE was never completely offline. We did have some spotty issues over the weekend, but the XOC (Xbox Operations Center) was fully staffed (as it always is 24/7/365) and they addressed the issue as quickly as they could.

And then Hyrb wondered silently, "It was freaking Christmas for Christ's sake! Don't these people have lives???"

LIVE failed help [via maxconsole]


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