Xbox Originals Arrive, Bring Free Themes

psychonauts_originals.jpgHey, those Xbox Originals (aka old Xbox games) have arrived on Xbox Live Marketplace as of today, bringing a handful of extras with them. While the more mundane but practical stuff includes PDF instruction manuals and online controller mappings for games like Psychonauts, Halo and Indigo Propechy, there are some fun freebies, too. Picture packs and themes for each of the Xbox Originals are available for download by going to Marketplace > Game Store > Xbox Originals. Gussy up your Xbox 360 blades with free Fable stuff, if you want. Huzzah!

Xbox Originals Manuals and Controller layouts (and free themes and picture packs) [Microsoft]


    Does my heart good to see Psychonauts getting more time in the sun.

    The real question though is whether we get the local release of Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy or the censored US edition.

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