Yoko Ono and Mizuguchi Together. At Last!

0002.jpg Yup, that's Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi with Yoko Ono. Miz is hosting a two hour radio program called "Imagine ~A Message from John and Yoko~" on Friday, December 7th. That's a day before the anniversary of Lennon's assassination. Back in October, Mizuguchi met Ono in Iceland at the unveiling of Imagine Peace Tower. The tower, which Ono designed, will be lit every year between Lennon's birth on October 9th and his death on December 8th. Ringo Starr and Sean Lennon were also in attendance. Says Miz:

Going to meet Yoko Ono was inspiring for me.

Paul McCartney wasn't in appearance, because he and Yoko totally HATE each other.


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