You Play More PAIN, Advertisers Pay More Cash

pain_ads.jpgSony's PAIN, released just last week on the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3, lets players inflict suffering on horribly dressed ragdolls for points. It also treats them to plenty of billboard-style in-game advertising. Sony's taking a somewhat unique approach to how it charges advertisers, however, as the PAIN's advertising scale increases for those planting ad spots in the game if more players are playing the game online.

The stats that help advertisers make their decisions - and scale pay rates - will be handled by the Nielsen Games group, well known for their ratings tracking services. Ominously, Nielsen was quoted as saying, "Currently we can tell you who is playing their PlayStation 3 and other consoles, when they're playing them and what they're playing. We can't get inside the game, at least not yet". Time to check that PlayStation Network user agreement more closely...

PlayStation's Game Plan: Scale Ad Rates for Videos [AdWeek via Game|Life]


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