Ziff Sets Us Straight On Stolen Street Fighter IV Pics

blanka_bloody.jpg Earlier today, we posted about the plight of "tiny Brazilian blog" Blogeek, who, as you may remember, posted a pair of screen shots of Street Fighter IV yesterday. Amazingly, the site scooped 1UP to its own exclusive, claiming it had received the screens and details on the Capcom fighter from an "anonymous source". The site's owner, Douglas Pereira, wrote us this morning, crying out for help. "Ziff Davis is going after me. They're chasing me," he lamented. It was very heart-wrenching.Sounds like EGM and 1UP were quite justified in their legal "picking on" of Pereira and Blogeek. He's an EGM Brazil freelancer and has now admitted to swiping the pics from Ziff-Davis' own media servers. EGM editor-in-chief Dan Hsu, who says ZD has the IP logs of the transgression to back it up, explains.

Guys, maybe a little journalistic investigating before you blast us? How about talking to Ziff Davis to get the "full story"? This guy did not get the information from an "anonymous source". He's a freelancer for EGM Brazil who finally admitted to them that he did not have a source, but rather, stole the information from our servers (we have IP logs for this). He used his working relationship with EGM Brazil, stole a password, and took information from our story and posted it up before we could.

If one of Kotaku's freelancers stole a password to steal a scoop, would that be cool? I'd be OK with it if, indeed, he had a source that leaked the information (I stood up for Kotaku for that very act in last year's Sony debacle). But that's not what's happened. What he did was just outright illegal, irresponsible, and is not what journalists are supposed to do.

Please, next time, before blasting us...maybe get the other side of the story?

Thanks to Hsu for clearing up the matter. I'm off to wince!

When contacted over the weekend Pereira denied the allegations and said that he never admitted to anything.

They don't know what they're saying!!! That's right, I in fact write some things for the brazilian mag. Though, I'm a freelancer, and therefore I don't have access to their FTP. I never wrote a story that used the FTP. And I NEVER admitted that I stole the pictures from their FTP, because I didn't. I know it sounds suspicious, but you must believe me, I don't have their FTP login and did not stole any pics form there. They were given to me, and I published them.


    Until those logs are released and picked over by knowledgeable people, I'm still reserving judgment. Still, I'd rather those pics get released early, than published in some crappy mag just snag a few bucks from SF fans.

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