1UP Reveal Wii Fit Launch Date?

1UP Reveal Wii Fit Launch Date?
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spilledbeans.jpg1UP are running a little ditty on Wii Fit, and how it’s already sold a whole lotta units in Japan. But that’s not the interesting part. No, that comes towards the end of the article, where they pen:

Wii Fit is expected to be one of the year’s biggest sellers both in Japan and abroad. North Americans can expect to see the game on May 20th… by which time presumably they’ll have that ‘plus-sized’ Western balance board properly stress tested and ready for use.

May 20th, hmm? Of all the things we previously knew about Wii Fit, a North American release date was not one of them. Could be a mistake, but in case it’s not, thanks for the (accidental?) heads-up!
Wii Fit Sells 1 Million in 1 Month [1UP]


  • My girlfriend played this in Japan. She said it’s good, but I thought the Wiimote was supposed to so ALL of our fancy movement stuff. I don’t know how many accessories I want to buy… I mean it’s a set of scales for fuck’s sake… Accessories can be fun – guitar hero is awesome – but I’m not too sure this one’s really that innovative.

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