2007's Year In Review (Game Mags)

magcollection.jpgKevin Gifford, who we've covered before, is a magazine fiend. While most of you lot have given up on paper-based gaming news and opinions, he has not, and not only picks up nearly every major mag on the shelf but pores over them, incessantly, so that he can critique them and pass that information on to you. If you still care. Dude normally runs a monthly feature over on GameSetWatch, covering the latest mags, but as a treat has this week given his rundown on the industry as a whole, giving out his best-of and worst-of awards for 2007. Why should you care? Who else read every issue of every magazine last year? Not you, that's for sure.
Retrospective: The State Of Game Magazines In 2007 [Gamasutra]


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