2007's Best Freeware Games Chosen By The Authority

fraxy.jpgThe world's best gaming deals can't beat "free!", so for those without a gift card in hand this post-holiday season, you may want to take a gander at The Independent Gaming Source's best freeware games of 2007. The number of titles, across an amazingly broad 30 categories, point out the year's best shooters, platformers and RPGs that can be had without anything more than some disposable bandwidth. Topping the list is a game that I only recently discovered myself while searching for Gradius pics, a Warning Forever-style top down boss fight-only shooter named Fraxy. The Japanese freeware game lets players create their own levels (bosses) with an intuitive editor. Other titles you may already be familiar with, including Knytt Stories, Guxt, Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die and the now free Command and Conquer.

Best Freeware Games of '07 - 30 Categories! [TIG Source]


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