2008 Tech Emmy Winners

Emmycarmackpic.JPG CES isn't the only show in Vega$. The 59th Annual Technology and Engineering Emmy Awards wrapped up earlier tonight at the Venetian Hotel. The tech Emmys are awarded to individuals, companies or organisations for developments which are improvements or "so innovative in nature that materially have affected the transmission, recording, or reception of television." Last year, Sony snagged an Emmy for the Xross Media Bar and the DualShock, while Nintendo bagged one for the Dpad. John Carmack picked one up as well for the development of 3D software engines. This year? Hit the jump for those exciting results. (Hint: 2008 winners above.)

Development of Massively Multiplayer Online Graphical Role Playing Games:
- Sony Online Entertainment, EverQuest, Laura Naviaux
- Blizzard, World of Warcraft, Mike Morhaime
- AOL/Time Warner, Neverwinter Nights, Don Daglow

User Generated Content/Game Modification:
-EA, Pinball Construction, Bill Budge
-Id Software, Quake, John Carmack
-Linden Labs, Second Life, Philip Rosedale

That Carmack is a regular Emmy hog, isn't he?


    My God... John Carmack has to be the second sexiest man on the planet earth.

    Not just a pretty face, either.

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