2008 Won't Be As Big As 2007

shrunk.jpg2007 was a phenomenal year in gaming. A first full year of new consoles and a flood of AAA games vying for your dollar meant the year was a record-setter in terms of overall sales for the industry. How can poor little 2008, with no new consoles and no new Halo, hope to compete? It can't, with the Consumer Electronics Association already predicting a $US 200 million downturn in sales for the industry. A predicted decline in sales of hardware, which is expensive, and the resulting emphasis on software, which is cheaper, are behind the decrease, though overall profits may well be up, since software sales (which generate higher margins for all involved than consoles) are expected to rise by 24%. Got all that? Fantastic.
U.S. video game industry growth seen slowing [Reuters]


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