20% Off All Games at EB Australia Stores


Kotaku US' Luke Plunkett just forwarded through EB Australia's latest email newsletter, completely with a delectable and tantalising offer.

Yes, it's a good one.

For four days, EB will be offering 20% off all its games, as long as you're able to produce the pictured coupon. Obviously, you'd have to have been signed up for the newsletter at the time this was sent out (which was today, I'm guessing) to take advantage of the deal.

If you'd like to catch the next offer, now might be a good time to get on EB Games' spam list.

Update: My bad. All PC games. Thanks to those who spotted my blunder.



    That docket says 20% off all PC games.

    Pretty sure it's only PC games, not all games.

    Woo, 20% off to take their price down to what JB has every day. Or to take the price down to be closer to import prices.

    I probably shouldn't be so cynical - they do have decent deals sometimes

    You didnt need to black out the barcode. It is the same for everyone, that also means you dont need to actually be on the mailing list to use the voucher.

    There are also 2nd hand Xbox consoles going for $65.

    Coupons have been uploaded here: http://www.ecogamer.com/content/view/432/6/

    Let's see... 20% off a second hand game being sold at $110 at EB makes it $88. Nope, I can still pick most games cheaper than that and brand new at JB.

    trust me, after working at EB games for several years, no one is gonna care if you are or arn't signed up.

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