2K Australia Opens Doors To Ex-Auran Devs

2kaus.jpgIf you once worked at Auran, but no longer do thanks to last year's unpleasantness, then you might find a new home over at the Canberra-based 2K Australia.

According to Sumea, the studio is welcoming ex-Auran folk to apply for positions at the company - specifically designers, coders and quality assurance people with plenty of experience. 2K Australia's even happy to help out with relocation costs if you're particularly pro. From the story:

We offer relocation assistance for mid-senior candidates and we spoil out staff members with movie nights, daily fruit and subsidised health and gym.

Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Technically, anyone is free to apply for a position at 2K Australia, but I'm sure the ex-Auran guys appreciate the personalised invite.

2K Australia is Hiring [Sumea]


    Nice gesture.

    Plus can't go wrong with free fruit!

    I don't know about this... Coders perhaps, but designers? Wasn't Fury a kind of... disappointment? (I'm downloading it but it'll take a while.)

    Canberra-based 2K Australia.

    Home-town glory!

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