3rd Party Titles Not Selling Comment "Misinterpreted"

thumb463x_2007-12-07-411tpnoaruge.jpg Remember when No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda said third party Wii games weren't selling? And then we looking at the sales chart and saw that, save Mario Party and Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games, Suda was right. But no, no, no. Suda says that quote was taken out of context, misinterpreted. On his company's website, Suda tries to clear the air:

I am concerned to learn my comments in one interview regarding the success of Nintendo 3rd part titles have been misinterpreted. My point was that "NO MORE HEROES", unlike a lot of Nintendo Wii titles currently available is the kind of product which will attract a different kind of consumer to the hardware. ie. gamers who are looking for a different genre to the products which have been successful on this platform thus far.

Nobody's arguing with that! Heck, who's arguing with the misinterpretation?!

Grasshopper Manufacture [Official Site via GameFront via Go Nintendo]


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