Stargate Worlds Trailer… Is That It?

Here’s the Stargate Worlds trailer we made some noise about yesterday. I don’t know about you, but I subconsciously cried out the “Lame!” in a high-pitched voice as the clip came to an end. Not only is the trailer pre-rendered 3D, it’s bad pre-rendered 3D.

Doing my best to keep high hopes for this MMO based on the Stargate universe, but developer Cheyenne Mountain is going to have to do better to impress us.


  • Doesn’t matter what it looks like, girls and boys. As Australians, you’re required to hate this game as there were at least two local teams that got screwed over so that it could be created. The fact that it doesn’t look particularly good will just make it easier.

  • If I can recall, it was JoWood and Perception. Correct me if I’m wrong. Although I’m pretty positive Perception was one of the devs.

  • The trailer was confirmed to feature CGI graphics rather than genuine ingame footage. Check [url=]WarCry article[/url] for more info.

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