Wrap-o-matic: Monday Night

Lair Developer Goes To Wii
Don’t panic, it wants to make Turrican, not Lair. Maybe.

Lost Planet PS3 Gets Exclusive Character
A reason to buy the PS3 version of Capcom’s third-person shooter if you already own it on PC and Xbox 360. It’s the only reason though.

PSP Homebrew Catches Up To 3.80
Sony, just support homebrew on the PSP already. It’d make everyone’s life a whole lot easier.

GoldenEye XBLA Shitcanning Was Nintendo’s Fault?
Oh, Nintendo, why do you do this to us?

Sam & Max Headed For The Wii, Nobody Surprised
Classic adventure gaming coming to the Wii. Stop playing Wii Sports and start on a real game.


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