A 360 You Can Cuddle With

xboxeliteplushie.jpgSure you could cuddle with your actual Xbox 360 Elite system, but if the noise didn't keep you awake the heat that thing generates certainly would. No, what you need is a softer, more cuddly version of the Elite. Perhaps one with an adorable little smiley face, a plush wireless controller and "INFINITE Hard -Drive"! Cuddles and INFINITE Hard-Drive? I'm so there. Hand-created by Kickass-Peanut From DeviantArt, this adorable console alternative is now available for eBay, for the low starting bid of £35.00, or the Buy It Now price of £50.00. Going by the current value of the dollar, that's only eleventy-bajillion dollars! A bargain!
*XBOX360 Plush ELITE Edition* HANDMADE Kickass-PeanutUK [eBay UK via theBBPS]


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