A Safe Replacement For Team Fortress 2’s Sentry Gun?

A Safe Replacement For Team Fortress 2’s Sentry Gun?
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No, not really. But if you could find yourself a rocket launcher that fired giant rubber band balls, a sniper rifle that shot out spit wads and a bunch of willing mates, you could probably re-enact a few of your favourite scenes from Valve’s team-based shooter.

If you’d like a slice of reality instead, this gizmo is called the “Disintegrator”. It’s designed to fire rubber bands at a rate of 40 per second. The weapon holds 288 bands, so you’re probably going to empty the sucker quickly if you’re not careful.

And boy, it’d be a bitch to reload.

More pictures and a video of the band cannon in action can be found at Gizmodo Australia.

Disintegrator Gun Shoots 40 Rubber Bands Per Second, Provides Vengeance For Nerds [Gizmodo Australia]

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