Activision May Take Guitar Hero "On Tour" To Nintendo DS

guitar_hero_on_tour.jpgAll that "hoping" and "exploring" in regard to a Nintendo DS version of Guitar Hero may become reality soon. And that reality may be named Guitar Hero On Tour, if a recently unearthed trademark filed by Activision matches up. The filing, which was discovered by Trademork, is dated January 19th of 2008, is certainly video game related, as it applies to an "interactive video game comprised of a cartridge or DVD sold as a unit with a video game controller."

Red Octane co-founder Charles Huang mentioned to GameSpot last summer that a DS-specific controller peripheral was "definitely one of the options we're exploring." We have little doubt that Activision and Red Octane will be doing their best to capitalise on the Guitar Hero name on every single platform they can, so we expect an announcement soon.

Guitar Hero On Tour [Trademork]


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