AI Learns To Play Games, John Connor Is Now Our Only Hope

mspacman.jpgThe latest Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research contains new information on the future downfall of mankind. In particular, it contains details on a study by which an artificial intelligence was taught how to play Ms Pac-Man by some researchers from Eotvos University, in Hungary. This is a big deal, because previously the only games an AI could be taught were much simpler stuff, like chess (Ms Pac-Man's ghosts don't follow a routine, making it much more complex). By "teaching" it how to prioritise the stuff it's taught after repeated instruction, the AI soon learned the most important thing to do in the game was avoid being eaten by a ghost, and that if the ghosts can be eaten, they should be eaten, because that earns the player points. Taking these to heart, the AI was pitted against 10 pathetic, human fleshbags. Those humans played 5 games each, and their average score was 8064. The AI then played 50 games, and its average score was...8186.
Ms. Pac-Man Plays Herself [Robot News World, via Boing-Boing]


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