Air Guitar Hero

airguitarhero.jpgIs playing the fake guitar in Guitar Hero not quite fake enough for you? The new Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker takes faking it to the limit (one more time), allowing you to strum your Guitar Hero branded giant plastic belt buckle with a magic pick to unleash guitar riffs wherever you may roam. Simply hook the hideous thing to your belt, plug it in to the also belt-bound amplifier, and you're ready to look completely stupid while hammering out tunes from Black Sabbath, Boston, Van Halen, Motorhead, and Deep Purple.

It's just like having a pair of tiny speakers hooked up to your iPod, only with the added bonus of making you look like an idiot. I suppose you could make the argument that this is a toy for children, because we all know how much the youngsters love the Motorhead and Deep Purple these days. Crazy kids. You can see a video of the toy in embarrassing action over at Gearlog.


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