An Inside Look at Aussie Developer FuzzyEyes

An Inside Look at Aussie Developer FuzzyEyes

edge_twilight.jpgThe folks over at AustralianGamer got the chance to invade the headquarters of Oz developer FuzzyEyes. The studio is currently working on the title Edge of Twilight.

There are photos of the team’s work environment (looks like a normal office really) as well as interviews with the head dudes. Here’s a quote from the article by lead designer Andy Chrysafidis, where he describes exactly what Twilight is:

It’s an action adventure game set in a sort of steampunk-slash-alternate fantasy world that has been divided into two separate realms of day and night. The general story of it revolves around this clash and power struggle between two different races.

One, the Athern who are more industrial, steampunk, and the Lithern, who are the opposite pretty much, the more spiritual race. The player takes the role of Lex, who’s this bounty hunter who’s a half breed and thus has the ability to shift between day and night, and because of this ability is called on by the Atherns to help them in their struggle against the Lithern.

If you’re desperate for more, the full article can found at the link below.

A Visit to FuzzyEyes [AustralianGamer, via Sumea]


  • Sounds a bit boring and generic to me. In fact the only reason I’m reading it is ‘cos I accidentally stayed on Aus Kotaku xD

  • Sounds like the storyline for Metroid Prime 2 but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a fun game. MP2 certainly was.

    It looks worth a try at any rate.

  • Thanks (to AustralianGamer, and partly to Kotaku) for stories like these. As a future Australian game developer these stories are amazingly useful, and it’s great in general to hear about the industry here.

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